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“JESUS did not entrust himself to PEOPLE, for he KNEW what was in the HEART of MAN.”

John 2:23-25

Why does the government like to betray when they reach power?

The people procuring the allegiance of innumerable followers and ascending the governmental ladder are fraudulent sociopaths.  Electoral politics incite candidates to focus on the numerical instead of undeliverable platforms.  In reality, the unelected corridors of power are the ones in control.

The general public is easily deceived and numb.  They are not alert and focused on the actual deceptive incentives presented by politicians.  People are oblivious to the raw nature of power.  They are unwilling and desperately afraid to face the reality that these so-called candidates are spewing hateful lies.

A politician learns three things from an exploitable electorate:

  1. They no longer need to keep promises, claiming they are working on them, thus holding the public hostage.  Without them, the job will not be accomplished.  They NEED to be re-elected.

  2. The public is viewed as contemptuous, gullible, easily fooled, and not deserving of respect.

  3. Politicians prioritize their focus on business connections to amass vast financial assets.

And so the cycle of corruption continues forth.

This Colossal political hierarchy is not easily altered.  Conditions must be set, localized, and decentralized, as elected officials are held to unswerving physical accountability for their malfeasance actions.

Without these necessary actions, the world shall continue to suffer the perpetual cortege of the election of predatory criminals.

“It is better to take refuge in ME, your CREATOR, SAVIOR and LORD, than to put your TRUST in a mere man.  You are blessed when you TRUST in ME.  I remind you that the heart of man is deceitful.  I search the heart and mind to reward a man according to his conduct of choice and what his deeds DESERVE.”

Psalm118:8; Jeremiah 17:7,9-10




God Almighty is on a personal mission to open the eyes of WE, his created people.  May we allow his truth to penetrate our consciousness and choose his necessary course of action.


Thursday, April 4, 2024

Sally Darlene Cooper



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