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Day of Reckoning and Deliverance

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Inspirational | 2 comments

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Justice and compassion

” Deliver us, O God, from the hand of the wicked, 

from the grasp of evil and cruel men.”

Psalm 71:4

I am almighty God; my plans stand firm forever through all generations.  I see all mankind; I consider everything you do.  Hear my words of warning, comfort and direction.

Leaders have rejected my gentle flow of guidance; mighty floodwaters swirl and sweep the nation.  Its outspread wings cover the breadth, shattering their existence.

I turn my ear to my people, the victims of these leaders.  I am your refuge and deliverer.  I keep you from shame, freeing you from the trap set for you.

I see your affliction.  I feel the anguish of your soul.  I do not hand you over to the enemy.  I set your feet in my spacious place.  Your eyes grow weak with sorrow, soul and body with grief.  I compel you to trust me.  Your life is protected from those who pursue you.  I know you are alarmed, feeling you are cut off from my sight.  I do not ignore your cries for help.  I hide you from the intrigues of leaders and their accusing tongues.

Remember, you CAN trust me; I will not disappoint you.  I know your troubled nation.  Leaders have forsaken and abandoned you.  I do not despise or disdain your suffering and affliction.  I do not hide my face from you.  I answer you quickly; I rescue you.

I will not cast you away when you are old; I will never forsake you when your strength is gone.  When you are old and grey, I continue to speak my truth through you to the next generation.  Your accusers will perish in shame, scorn and disgrace.  Though I have allowed you to endure many bitter troubles, I will restore your life.  Bringing you up from the depths of Satan’s darkness.  I will comfort you once again.  Your tongue WILL tell of my righteous deliverance.  I put all who sought to harm you to shame and confusion.  Vengence is mine; I will repay your enemies.


Psalm 33:11-15; Isaiah 8:5-10; Psalm 31:1-9,14-15,20-22; Psalm 22:5,11,24: Psalm 71

Fellow citizens of my nation and across the globe, I compel you to read, hear and listen to what God is saying to YOUR heart.

As LEADERS, heed the warning.  Open your eyes to what God is revealing.  Repent and seek God’s forgiveness and direction in righting your wrongs.

CITIZENS, be comforted.  God knows your unjust suffering and is fighting for your FREEDOM.  Stand in solidarity with your neighbour.  Your God-given right is your AUTONOMY.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Written by:  Sally Darlene Cooper




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    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular article! Its the little changes that will make the largest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!


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