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The Life of Everett (Feb 10/84-Jun10/06)

It is my privilege to showcase my son Everett’s life, whose name brings to mind many beautiful memories of the person he progressively became during his 22yrs of sojourn on this earth.   As the firstborn, he was sensitive, curious, creative, affectionate and intelligent.  At an early age, he mastered preschool and kindergarten with a flourish.  I was blessed with the opportunity to homeschool Everett for many years.  During his years of school at home, I observed, fostered, enjoyed, and took part in Everetts’ numerous creative adventures.

His inquisitive, curious mind led Everett into many avenues of self-expression.  Having a gift for words, I enjoyed his stories, songs and haikus, along with many a private note slipped under my door.  Drawn to electronics at a young age Everett took on the challenge of rebuilding a computer and creating his computer games.

Living in the country, Everett loved the outdoors, which further inspired his imagination.  He adorned our yard with various flowers, the result of Everetts meticulous attention to cross-pollination.  He spent many hours sketching miniature replicas of his next creative project from airplanes, snowmobiles or tractors.

A mechanical genius Everett rebuilt his truck engine so he could drive his first vehicle.  Everetts’ love of animals led him to work at a dairy barn and the maternity ward of a commercial hog barn.  Venturing into young adulthood, he worked with heavy equipment in logging.  Everett then apprenticed to become a precision welder constructing large flatbed trailers.   A dependable, hard worker, he never neglected his creative dreams.

At the age of 19yrs, Everett playing guitar and drums by ear.  I was invited to an intimate performance where I was honoured to hear Everett on the drums and his friend T.J. on base guitar.  Together they performed the musical intensity of the song “The Shortest Straw” by the band Metallica.  I was in awe and admiration of the talent of these two young men.

Everetts’s character touched the lives of many people, forming solid friendships.  I have been honoured to have a special place in the hearts and lives of his friends, continuing to this very day.  Everett talked with me often about his circumstance, feelings, life dreams and relationships.  He was excited to share that he had found the woman he desired to spend life with on Mother’s Day.

At the age of 22yrs, Everett sought enjoyment in pursuing the art of fishing.  Purchasing a fishing boat, he looked forward to many hours of this endeavour with friends.  On June 10, 2006, Everett and his girlfriend, along with another couple, ventured to his favourite lake for an early evening of fishing, eager to get that new boat on the water.

Making their way to the far side of the lake, they encountered trouble.  The boat took on water and capsized.  They needed help.  Everett swam alongside his beloved to shore so she could find help as he was to return to the couple stranded at the boat.  Halfway to the shore, Everett encountered an underwater entanglement of weeds.  Struggling to stay above the surface, as the weeds pulled him under, yet Everett resurfaced.  Knowing He could not go on any longer, he called out to his girlfriend to continue to shore.  His girlfriend, along with the couple at the boat, witnessed Everett succumbing to the waters of the lake.  The girlfriend found the help needed, and later that evening, the couple stranded at the boat were rescued.  Everetts body could not be found and recovered until three days later.

The story of this tragic event spread across the nation through newspapers and television about Everett, the young man who laid down his life for his lady and his friends.

Everett, throughout his 22yrs, was a caring, loving, trustworthy and intelligent person.  He was a warrior champion for the weak and oppressed, stepping up to the plate to defend, protect and help when he saw the need.

I thank my Father in heaven for the gift of Everett.  It was a pleasure to be his Mother, a journey of two hearts connected in a powerful forever love.  Everett asked Jesus Christ to be his saviour; he was born again, as JESUS says in the book of John in chapter 3, “that we must be born again.”  I know that Everett is in heaven, and I will see him one day.

Thank you to all who took the time to read and remember Everett.