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“I am almighty God; I know you are needy, and I do not despise my captive people.  I know your pain and distress, and I protect you.”

Psalm 69: 29 & 33



Oppression is the systematic, cruel target of specific groups of people.  A power dynamic of domination and subordination intent on restricting access to social, economic, and political resources.


Political oppression is the exercise of power by dominance, creating political, social and economic roadblocks sustained through force and fear and resulting in the precedence of the oppressor’s interests at the expense of their victim.


Political repression is an aggressive act of government overreach upon its citizens by force for political reasons.  The intent is to restrict and prevent one’s freedom to engage in the politics of society.  It reduces a person’s importance among fellow citizens.  These tactics target those who challenge the political agenda of a government—resulting in human rights violations, surveillance abuse, police brutality, imprisonment, stripping of citizen’s rights, and violent action or terror such as murder, executions, torture and forced disappearance, along with other “outside of the law” punishments of the general population.

Direct repression tactics target specific people who are AWARE of these actions.  Covert tactics threaten citizens unknowingly through wiretapping, monitoring, and censorship.  Political repression is reinforced through public and private government-controlled media.

This government-authorized repression may initiate terrorism, genocide, and politicide, which is the elimination of particular groups of people for political gain.

This structured and methodical repression is a characteristic of dictatorships, totalitarianism, and similar regimes- a power hierarchy between ruler and subject.  Their repressive activities may also include collusion in situations where the death of the target is the intended goal.

“I, the LORD, reign forever; I have established my throne of judgment.  I will judge the world in righteousness; I govern with justice.  I know your oppression.   I am your refuge; I do not ignore your affliction.  I bring the evil to account for the wickedness they thought would not be discovered.  I am defending you, the oppressed, so that the men of this earth may terrify you no longer.”

Psalm 9:7-12; 10:15 & 18



In our nation and across the globe, I invite each individual to reflect upon the events of this past year.  GOD is alerting and reminding US to WAKE UP and FOCUS on REALITY and allowing HIM to direct and strengthen us to CHOOSE to live as the FREE individuals we were created to BE.


Monday, December 25, 2023

Sally Darlene Cooper


  1. TheRagingGoose

    Well put and you are spot on.

    • Sally Cooper

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article.


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