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The Star, the Wise Men and Herod

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Inspirational | 4 comments

sailing ship

A Collision

The Magi Visit the Messiah; The Escape to Egypt and The Return to Nazareth

Matthew 2:1-12; 13-18; 19-23

(please read the scripture)

The Magi

Most likely, the star appeared up to two years before the wise men arrived in Jerusalem, anywhere from 8 to 4 B.C.

The Wise men were accomplished astrologers, and priests in Zoroastrianism, originally a pagan priestly tribe from the Medes and Persians.  Their gifts have a spiritual meaning.  Gold (kingship on earth), Frankincense (incense, a symbol of deity) and Myrrh (embalming oil, a symbol of death).

Babylon being close to Bagdad, Iraq, meaning the Wise men travelled more than 900 miles to worship Jesus.  Having observed the heavens for years and awaiting the needed alignment to foretell this prophesized King’s birth.  Finally, the powerful set of astrological potents appeared, signalling the time to search for this Leader.


King Herod, known as Herod the Great, ruled Judea in 37 B.C.  Cruel and power-hungry, destroying anyone he feared was attempting to challenge his authority.  Killing various members of his own family due to his demonic obsession with suspicion.


When Herod met with the Wise men, he implored them to return with the exact location, feigning his heartfelt desire to worship the Christ child.  Almighty God, knowing Herod’s malevolent intention, warned the Wise men not to return to Herod and to return East another route.

Herod, furious at the Wise men’s refusal of information, vehemently ordered his guards to kill all male children 2yrs and younger.


A search within our hearts during this time of honouring Christ’s birth; may we ask ourselves important questions.

Are we willing to go to whatever lengths, no matter the cost, to worship Jesus, as the Wise men chose to do?

Are we also willing to stand for the truth of what is right in the face of a tyrannical ruler like Herod?

God holds us accountable for the choices we make.  May our lives bring honour and glory to our creator.

From my heart to yours, I wish you all a peaceful, relaxed JESUS BIRTHDAY with your loved ones.  May you bask in the knowledge that you are each an INDIVIDUALLY created MASTERPIECE of GOD and passionately LOVED by HIM.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Sally Darlene Cooper


  1. Jay O

    Great article Sally. Lots in interesting info.

    • Sally Cooper

      Hello Jay: How are you? Thank you for your encouragement. Cheers! Sally

  2. Perry

    Very nice and so relevant for today in history. I think it would not be
    untrue to compare justin trudeau to Herod in his quest for
    unlimited power.

    • Sally Cooper

      Hello Perry: How are you? Thank you for your encouragement. Cheers! Sally


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