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The Golden Age of Piracy

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Carnage on the High seas

The Golden Age of Piracy n the High seas was a period in history from 1700-1730.  The target being the Caribbean African west coast and the North American Eastern Seaboard.  During this time, the Indian Ocean became the trade route-target enabling the pirates to amass their fortune.

In the mid-17th-century, various Pirate groups called themselves Privateers, playing a strategic role in their respective countries.  The ongoing conflict between England, France and Spain secured their employment. Governments hired the Privateers to attack enemy ships and loot their treasures.

As the conflict between these countries was resolved, the Privateers found themselves unemployed. However, this ending of legitimate employment did not discourage their ways.  The Privateers turned rouge and continued their pilage of raiding and looting of ships.  This outburst of Pirates became known as the “Golden Age of Piracy.”

Renowned Pirates of the Age:


A symbol of terror during his short-lived career. Taller and border than most with a full dark beard.  Born in Bristol, England and the owner of  the ship called “Queen Anne’s Revenge.”


He was known as Black Bart, raiding ships in the Americas and West Africa.  He was notorious for capturing and raiding more ships than any other Pirate, thus the most famous of the Golden Age.


A wealthy landowner with a passion for adventure.  Attracted to the world of piracy, he became known as “The Gentlemen’s Pirate”  Possessing a ship called “Revenge,” he raided ships off of the Virginia coastline. But, unfortunately, his collaboration with Blackbeard brought about his crew’s disloyalty.


A Caribbean pirate was known for his leniency for female pirates aboard his ship, such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read.


Having gained a bad reputation for torturing his captives before their death, Lowes’s career as a pirate led to his capture and burning of over 100 ships.


As an English Pirate, Fly raided ships along the New England coast.  Within two months, he and his crew had captured five ships.  As he was being hanged, he warned fellow Captains to pay their sailors well and on time.


Known as the English “Prince of Pirates,” he was merciful to his captives. He and his crew captured over 50 ships.

This Golden Age of Piracy came to an end due to an increase in Naval presence and a lack of a secure home base. As a result, famous Pirates were killed, executed or lost at sea. Many went missing with no records.  Edward Teach and Bartholemew Roberts were killed.  Stede Bonnet and William Kidd were captured and executed.

Justice was finally meted out on International waters, ensuring maritime safety for passenger and cargo vessels alike.

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