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The Cross & The Resurrection

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Showcase | 2 comments

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SHOWCASE- Jesus Christ-God in The Flesh

EASTER….The rememberance of God our Creator in the body of Jesus Christ laying down his life for each of us; crucified on a barbaric roman cross.

The question, why would our creator come to this earth to live and die among us?  What was the reason?

His answer, he saw our desperate need.  We his precious individual unique creation were destined to a life of forever eternal fire and torment.  Separated from God and all that is good and pure.  Our Father chose to intervene by leaving the peacefulness of Heaven and living among us in the person of Jesus Christ, He met the demands of a sinless life, the death penalty for our sin nature and separation from God.  Having paid the total price by satisfying the demands of perfection to live in heaven.  We are offered his free gift of Eternal Salvation, which cost him everything.

Our Creator has answered our question.  What will be your response to his offer….YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021


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