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Famous Dutch Painter

Having had the personal experience of viewing Rembrandt’s magnificent works at the RIJKS National Art Gallery in Amsterdam.  I feel led to invite you on a historical, artistic journey into the life of ‘Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn.’

Rembrandt was born July 16, 1606, in Leiden, the Netherlands; he died on October 4, 1669.  His wife was Saskia Van Uyleburgh (1634-1642).  The names of his children were Titus Van Rijn, Cornelia Van Rijhn and Rumbartus Van Rijn.

Rembrandt was a baroque painter and printmaker.  He was a great teller of stories in the history of art by portraying people in their various moods and drama. He was a realist presenting the reality of people in their daily life through his technique of light and shadow.

His focus on portraiture and self-portrait permeated his career. The core of his works consisted of biblical, historical, mythological and allegoric themes  Choosing the mediums of painting, etching and sketching with pen, ink and chalk.  Rembrandt approached his compositions through space, light, contour, form, colour, line and tone.  Each new work displayed a gradual, even abrupt change.

Throughout Rembrandt’s lifetime, his portraits, etchings and paintings continued to bring him international fame and long after his death. His artistic style was adopted by artists in Germany and Venice and ventured into the cultural, romantic era.

Rembrandt is regarded as the most outstanding figure in the history of art.  In the Netherlands, he is the symbol of greatness and Dutch-ness.

I encourage you as the reader to peruse the link at the top of this article to experience more of the life of Rembrandt.  Enjoy the journey.





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