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Our Fathers Comfort

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Inspirational | 0 comments

sailing ship
“My Child, I am your Daddy, I live within you.  I chose to create you with a specific purpose in mind during your sojourn on earth. I am living out my purpose for your life moment by moment, circumstance by circumstance.  I am in absolute control of your life.  I compel you to trust me more and more.  I have raised your spirit to be seated with me in my spiritual realm forever.  Your spirit lives within my incomparable riches of grace and kindness.  My Child, remember you live within two realms, the spiritual world and the earthly world.  I  draw you closer to me in intimate trust.  I am loosening the enemy’s grip of the world in your life; I cancel out your attachment to its empty offerings.   Your desire is heaven and being with me.”  paraphrase Ephesians 1:11:2:6,7,10 Phil 3:1-10


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