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...To Heed GOD'S Call

“I am Almighty God, to me belongs wisdom, power, counsel and understanding.  I am in control of all things.  What I tear down cannot be rebuilt; those I imprison cannot be released.  To me belong strength and victory; both the deceived and the deceiver are mine.  I lead counsellors away stripped and make fools of judges.  I remove the shackles put upon people by their leaders.  I overthrow men long established.  I silence the lips of corrupt advisors.  I pour contempt on the nobles and disarm the mighty.  I deprive the leaders of the earth of their reason.  I send them wandering in a dark wasteland, staggering like drunkards.”

Job 12:16-25


A WARRIOR is a MAN who shows great vigour, courage, aggressiveness and bravery in struggle or conflict.  A  TRUE WARRIOR always puts themselves in the line of fire to protect WOMEN and CHILDREN.  The WARRIOR is entirely focused, disciplined and aggressive in the DEFENSE and PROTECTION of others.


William Wallace was a Scottish Knight who was a prominent leader during the “First War of Scotland Independence.”  This conflict began in 1297 when Wallace attacked Lanark, a Scotland town, resulting in an English sheriff’s death.  This created a series of events that drove the fight for independence forward.  William Wallace engaged the English at Stirling Castle Bridge and defeated the larger English army.  This victory spurred the motivation of the Scotsmen.  During the following years, Wallace organized and executed numerous raids in England.  Wallace was knighted for his efforts and appointed the “Guardian of The Kingdom.”  He continued his fight for the FREEDOM of Scotland.  Tragically and unwarranted, in 1305, William Wallace was executed upon the orders of King Edward, where he succumbed to a gruesome death.

“I am Almighty God.  I stand alone.  Who can oppose me?  I do whatever I please.  I carry out my plans against evil leaders.  Be terrified before me and fear me.  I make your evil heart faint.  I cover you in thick darkness.”

Job 23:13-17



I personally have had the heartfelt pleasure of travelling the William Wallace trail while in Scotland.  I started at Edinburgh Castle and then went to various villages.  I stayed the night in the Castle of Robert the Bruce, who ultimately betrayed William.  I then travelled to Stirling Castle and looked at that famous battlefield where Wallace and his army triumphed.  It was a very sobering and emotional personal experience.



My CHALLENGE to all WARRIOR-wired MEN of each nation is: are you attuned to GOD’S call upon your life?  Are you willing to stand, protect, and defend the Women, Children, and Elderly in the face of TYRANNY that is seeking to eradicate our individual GOD-GIVEN FREEDOM?  God holds the MEN of this world accountable for the outcome.  What will YOU choose?

  “I, Almighty God, compel you, MEN, to come out from among them and be separate, for it is for FREEDOM that I, JESUS CHRIST, have set you FREE.  Stand firm then, and do NOT allow yourselves or your people to once again be UNDER the yoke of SLAVERY.”

II Corinthians 6:17; Galatians 5:1

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sally Darlene Cooper




  1. Jay

    William Wallace was played by Mel Gibson in Movie Braveheart.

    • Michael McCastle

      I love my lord and stand ready waiting for his command

      • Sally Cooper

        Thank you once again for taking the time to read. Be encouraged.


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