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Canada: A Mighty Nation

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My Beloved hear my Words...

I am God Almighty.  I test the hearts of every individual I have created.  The nature of the wicked listens to lying malicious tongues. They mock the poor, showing contempt for ME, their maker, gloating over disaster.  None will go unpunished those people bent only on rebellion, paying evil for good.  I am sending merciless officials against them, and evil shall never leave their house.  I detest their continuous acquittal of the guilty while condemning the innocent.  I do not allow the perverse heart to prosper, and the deceitful tongue falls into a pit of trouble.  Bribes are being accepted in secret to pervert my course of justice.  Innocent people are punished, and officials are incarcerated for their integrity.  Nothing escapes my notice.  Reference: PSALM 17

I hear their flattering lies of deception.  I cut off the boastful, prideful tongue.  I protect you from those who maligne my truth.  I am keeping you safe. Reference: PSALM 12

I am guiding and teaching you in my truth of freedom.  I know the snares of your government authorities.  I turn to you.  I know you are lonely, afflicted and in anguish.  The troubles of your heart are multiplied.   I see and feel your distress.  Your enemies have increased and fiercely hate your freedom of choice.  I am God, and I am guarding and rescuing you.  I am your refuge.  I do not bring you to shame.  Reference: PSALM 25

Cry out loud to me, tell me your troubles.  Pour out your complaints to me.  I know your spirit grows faint.  I know those who have hidden snares along your path.  You have been forsaken by those in authority you thought you could trust.  I do hear your lament. I know your desperate need.  I rescue you from those who pursue you.  Those who are too strong for you.  I am setting you free from the prison of tyranny.  Reference: PSALM 142

Your enemy is pursuing you, seeking to crush you to shroud your mind in darkness.  I know your heart is dismayed.  Remember, I am the Lord of the Universe.  I answer you quickly.  I do not hide my face from you.  I will not allow you to sink into the pit of destruction.  I AM at work.  The forces of evil will not prevail.  My FREEDOM shall stand.  No one can thwart my plans for your nation.  I am rescuing you, and I am hiding you within my protective realm.  My angels guard and fight for you moment by moment.  I am leading you on level ground.  I am preserving you and raising you up and out, and I silence your enemies.  I destroy your foes. Reference: PSALM 143

I am reaching down from on high to each of you individually.  I am delivering you from those whose mouths are full of deceitful lies.  I have revealed my truth to you.  I have trained and instructed you to stand and do battle for your FREEDOM.  I am your shield and refuge.  Through YOU, I will subdue your enemy under my feet. Reference: PSALM 144

I know your leaders do not know how to deal with you.  They cannot silence you.  For you cannot help but be compelled to speak my TRUTH.  My question to you, my beloved, is this:  Is it right in my sight to obey me and stand for FREEDOM or obey the dictates of earthly man?  I demand that you follow me, GOD, and not man.  Reference: ACTS 4&5

The perversion of justice and freedom grieves our Father in heaven’s loving heart.  Jesus Christ has won our freedom through his life, death, resurrection and ascension.   Alive in heaven in his glorified earthly body, Jesus Christ is at the right hand of the Father, praying for each one of us that we will hear his voice and allow him to speak his truth through us.  God’s spokesmen in regaining our nation’s freedom of individual choice.



Almighty God has raised a man after his own heart MAXIME BERNIER.  His voice of FREEDOM for our nation.

  • The freedom of medical choice
  • The freedom of speech
  • The freedom to shop and work without papers
  • The freedom of movement and travel without papers

To all my fellow Canadians, I invite you to ponder the gift of freedom of choice that God has granted to you.  What will you do with this precious gift?  Will you throw it at the feet of tyranny?  Or will you refuse to give away what God has given you?  It is your God-given CHOICE.

On the premise of all that God has said to you personally, You need to ask yourself for whom you will vote to become our PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA.  Do you want our free and peaceful society destroyed due to our lack of FREEDOM OF CHOICE?

God calls each one of us to be ACCOUNTABLE before him for our CHOICES.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021



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