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Freedom in Christ

Autonomy (noun)


  • the quality or state of being self-governing
  • the right of Self-government
  • self-directing FREEDOM, especially MORAL independence

I am Almighty God.  I have created each person to bring glory to my name.  It is for FREEDOM that I in the person of JESUS CHRIST have set you free from the yoke of bondage.  I compel you to resist the yoke of this present global tyrannical enslavement to government mandates.  Do not give in to them for a single moment so that my truth may prevail through you.  No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life.  I make you strong and courageous.  I enable you to do and succeed wherever you go. Listen, hear and heed my direction.  I know your fear, terror and discouragement.  I am with you moment by moment.  Do not give in because of fear.  Fear and intimidation are from your enemy the devil.

I have called you to open the eyes of the blind, to free the captives; releasing them from this present dungeon of darkness.  I take hold of your hand and I keep you safe as you continue to speak my words of truth to the world.  For I the Lord of the Universe refuse to give my authority to another.  Make it known across the globe that not one person can deliver themselves out of my hand.  When I choose to act no one can reverse my decision.  Tell my people to listen for I WILL be HEARD.  Be warned, I foil the false prophets I make them fools.  I overthrow the words of the worldly-wise, I turn their words into nonsense exposing their lies. I go before you levelling and breaking down all barriers against my truth and freedom.  I cut through the bars of iron.

I am God, there is no other, there is none like me.  My purpose for this earth shall stand.  I am and will continue to do all that I please.  What I declare I will bring about.  What I have planned that will I do and no earthly authority can stop me.  Head my words all you who are stubborn hearted.  My dealings with this present evil are near and I will not delay.   My Children, do not be afraid.  Stand firm and free for you shall see my deliverance.  I the Lord am fighting for you.

I ask each person that I have created if serving me and standing for the freedom which I have won for you seems desirable.  Choose this moment, will it be obedience to evil mandates or to me Almighty God.  Judge within yourself whether it is right in my sight to obey man rather than God.  For you cannot help but speak and stand for your personal freedom of choice.  Though you may be brought before present-day authorities under strict orders to comply with their demands remember you are compelled to obey me rather than an earthly man  At the judgement seat of Christ I hold all people accountable for whether they have lived their life for me or the dictates of the enemy of their soul.

Almighty God of the Universe has spoken his words of truth to each of us who have taken the time to read.  May we meditate on his truth and not take for granted what he has won for us through Jesus Christ…God’s costly gift of FREEDOM.  Cherish and value your autonomy and do not allow it to be stolen from you.  It is your personal choice.  What will it be?  Your personal future depends upon it.



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    Very well written I am totally impressed


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